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Google has introduced a new Plus One system that is in direct competition with the Facebook like. This new Plus One service also affects search engine ranking with Google. So needless to say it will be critical for all webmasters and online business people to have as many Plus Ones as possible as the system grows in time.

Each Plus One we add to your site will be legitimate and real. The Plus Ones we deliver will remain on your website and won't be removed by Google. Other sites simply use proxies and browser scripts to produce Plus Ones, but Google quickly notices the fake Plus Ones and they will be removed from your site and you may be penalized. Yeah there may be services out there that are cheaper, but everyone knows the saying you get what you pay for. It couldn't be more relevant in this case as is all about quality. This is why our service stands high above the rest.

Our Plus One Services come with the following advantages:

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Plus Ones are added at a rate that is dependent on our network user base. We are seeing around 5 to 40 Plus Ones per day per site.

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